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Wrecks on Overview

Did you know that when you kill either players or rats (npc pirates) that some of the wrecks may contain loot? Looting wrecks can give you items that you can make isk on.

Looting Wrecks in Eve Online

When the wreck icon shows up on your overview (pointed to in the image to the left), that means that there’s some type of loot in it. It may only be a piece of metal scrap, ammo, or it could be something that’s worth millions. The only way you’re going to know is to get within 2500 meter and open the wreck.

You do want to make sure you’re only looting wrecks that are grey like in the image, or blue while you’re in high or low sec otherwise you’ll get a suspect status for 15 minutes. This means someone can come by in that time and shoot you without consequence. That means they won’t be Concorded in high sec, and will not get their own suspect timer in low.

Looting Wrecks Bullet Points

  • the solid wreck icons contain some sort of loot
  • you need to be 2500 meters or closer to loot the wreck
  • it needs to be grey or blue otherwise you’ll go suspect in high and lowsec
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