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When you run for CSM, just getting yourself on the ballet isn’t enough for some of us. We need to create a thread on the Eve Online forum and then it’s time for interviews! Then CCP has started setting up the CSM17 interview with all candidates that want to! We’re officially in the campaign period!

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While I stream and knew a lot of my regulars were in the chat, knowing I was talking in front of 800+ people was nerve wracking. I regularly hold at 20 views, sometimes I get a raid that will bump me up past 40 or 50. 800 or more? JEEPERS! So as my time drew closer, I started shaking. Not severe PVP shakes (which I still get when I make a solo kill) but I wouldn’t want to cut vegetables either.k

Then finally, I was up.

About 2 minutes before CCP Swift and Zelus pulled me in and gave me a rundown of how the interview would be conducted. They assured me they weren’t there to ask hard hitting questions or to try to trip me up. Then it was go time!

The 10 minutes went by so quickly. Both Swift and Zelus were fun to talk to and I wish we had more time. I could happily have a beer with these guys and chat about Eve. Who knows, if you guys elect me, maybe I’ll get to have that drink?! Now onto my CSM17 interview!

Question 1: Why is now the right time to join the CSM17?

I really did think about campaigning last year as a 1 year old player. At this point I was running the FUNny Newbro fleets through FUN Inc. However, starting a community like Eve Rookies Incursions was taking A LOT of work. I was the only regular FC at the time so between my pvp activities and the incursions I knew I couldn’t put the energy in to run and give it all of my attention.

This year, I feel ready. Mike Azariah (the Magic Schoolbus) isn’t running again so I feel I really am the only CSM17 candidate that is 100% all in for the new players. Yes, there are other candidates who’s platform includes new players but they aren’t 110% newbro focused. I am.

Question 2: Do you have any strengths anywhere else?

In addition to new players I also want to put focus on community tools in and out of the game. Public events in and out of game are EVERYWHERE. Here on Eve Rookies, the Eve Forums, Reddit, various discords, the NSPI calendar. I’d like to see some more central resources hosted by CCP.

And of course small content creators!

So Kshal, why aren’t you talking about your expertise in NPSI? Well, quite frankly, Keacte (another CSM17 candidate, my CEO in FUN Inc and the creator of the NPSI calendar) is all in for NPSI. Of course NPSI is part of who I am in Eve. It’s just that there’s someone else better to represent it than me.

Question 3: How will you communicate with new players?

I have a challenge that none of the other CSMs have. The players I’m running to represent don’t know that I exist. I’m talking players ages 1 hour to around 60 or 90 days. I’d say a good portion of them are Alpha accounts who won’t be able to vote for CSM (you have to be omega). On top of this, they probably haven’t heard much about the CSM yet. I don’t think CCP does a very good job of reaching out to these new players about a very important event within the game.

But, it’s a challenge I’m willing to accept. Pretty much since I started playing I started reaching out to new players via my stream (I always have “new player questions welcome” in my stream title). I haunt streamers who are obviously new to Eve to help them like I was helped. If I see someone doing something that will probably get them killed (or I kill a relatively new player in low or null) I’ll convo them in game or send a mail opening a conversation.

There’s also Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, the Eve Forums and various Discords. To those who also help new players, they see me EVERYWHERE.

One thing I didn’t mention, that I will mention here, is I need to do better with the rookie chat in game. I do sit in there on my own alpha characters and help out when I see something scroll by.

Question 4: Are there any other candidates in CSM17 that you’re eager to work with?

I’m really glad they asked me this. Like I answered, I don’t know anyone who’s running this year. Sure, I know a lot of their names but they haven’t “reached me” in the past 2 years.

Now, New Eden is a big place. There’s tons to do as well. So when I say “reach me” I don’t mean personally hitting me up. What I mean is, their content hasn’t ever spoken to me as a new player. I’ve been completely unaware of their existence.

That, folks, is the problem with CSM and new players. Once again, for the people in the back of the room, new players aren’t being pulled into this process. They have zero clue of the CSM existence and they’re not being reached out to. This is a real shame because they should have a voice and should be part of the process.

Note: I said that I never want to move to null or do wormhole stuff. I saw a comment chiding me for this comment. I stand by it. One of the issues I see as new players are trying to find their way is that they get lured out to null. There’s promise of support, free ships, lots of activities and then the hype doesn’t live up to experience. Also, I’m not impressed by the big blue doughnut. I want to play how I want to play when I want to play and shoot whomever I want without restriction. NPSI allows me to do this. Having blues does not.

Sorry not sorry for this comment because I feel pretty passionately about it.

Question 5: What does the CSM do best?

As I said, I don’t know.

I have two eyes and two ears and I see and hear people’s dissatisfaction with the CSM. I want to experience this for myself and see if they’re right OR if there’s good that comes out that the CSM aren’t allowed to speak about.

If I’m elected I’m going to be put under NDA (non disclosure agreement). I know this, but I want to push the boundaries. Yes CCP, if you’re reading this get ready for some push back on what I can speak about here on Eve Rookies.

It could be that none of the past CSMs really thought about doing a CSM17 diary or whatnot to let people know what’s going on (within bounds of the NDA, of course). It could be that CCP really is that strict on the information coming out. Whatever the reason, I want to experience this and make up my own mind.

I think that’s more than fair.

Question 6: What do you consider your biggest weakness?

My answer was null mechanics and why people want to live out there. Reflecting more on this question I think my weakness really is my biggest strength. I’m new.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve experienced A LOT of the game. I’ve also played it well before the average new player. However, there’s still a lot I haven’t gotten to experience and it’s going to be hard to represent these groups.

But hey, here’s the great thing. There’s 10 CSM. Those 10 CSM don’t have to be experts in all areas of Eve. If someone says something about a null mechanic but it’s going to affect High Sec too, I can say, “hey, you didn’t think how this was going to affect High and new players living there.”

Question 7: Was there a moment that made you want to run for CSM17 this year?

Hell yes! When I was sitting at the keynote at Fanfest and they revealed the new tools for the New Player Experience and their plans, I got excited. The more I talked to CCP employees the more excited I got.

In real life I’m into internet marketing but I’m also involved in website building and gearing them towards monetization. There’s one project I’ve been working on for years now and we JUST paid off about 4 years of technical debt. I’m freaking excited for the new marketing tools my developers can build me and growing the website’s traffic. If I’m excited, I know CCP has to be excited to have paid off their technical debt and have all these new tools.

I’m super excited to see what the possibilities are, where New Eden and the NPE is headed and I want to be part of this adventure.

Please help me get there and give me that vote for CSM17!

By Kshal Aideron

Eve main: Kshal Aideron Corp: FUN Inc NPSI community FC and newbro queen

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