Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Hello dear reader,

welcome to the first edition of Not Purple? Shoot it!, a magazine about the NPSI community of New Eden!

Not Purple? Shoot it! Magazine, number 00, 14/01/2022
Not Purple? Shoot it! Magazine, number 00, 14/01/2022

This magazine started as a concept art of sort: I wanted to build a one page magazine. NPSI had been the community that I had been enjoying lately and thus, NPSI became the subject of the magazine.

The goal of this magazine is to present the endeavors of the NPSI community on a weekly/biweekly frequency. A very blingy kill? Or a particularly complex situation the fleet managed to come out from? This and more will appear on this single page.

While this first edition is focused on F.U.N. INC due to my good standings with one of their FCs, my goal is to see other NPSI communities make an appearance: this magazine wants to be a spotlight for the whole NPSI community, not just one group.

Any NPSI group interested in collaborating is encouraged to get in contact with me via evemail or on twitter!

For this first edition, I would like to thank Kshal Aideron for first feedback and support and Keacte, FC of Shrinkwrapped, for the endorsement and feedback.

Thank you for reading, see you at the next edition!

By Miyoshi Akachi

Graphic artist from New Eden, the pilot behind Not Purple? Shoot it! magazine.

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