Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

In just a few hours, Eve Rookies will be jumping on a plane and head to Iceland for the Eve Fanfest 2022! We are so incredibly excited to meet those of you who are coming as well as posting articles about the different panels and round tables we’ll be attending! Below are the sessions we have chosen to sit in on.

Eve Online Keynote

CCP Myrkur (lead vfx artist), CCP Swift (community developer), CCP Larrikin (data scientist), CCP Burger (creative director), CCP Nomad (game designer), CCP Sledgehammer (senior game designer)

This keynote presentation will be hosted by CCP Burger. The team will take a look at the past and present of New Eden with maybe a tiny glimpse into the future [where they better announce something big to justify the price increases…].

Eve Live Events Round Table

CCP Delegate Zero (senior narrative designer), CCP Fozzie (senior game designer), CCP Trash Panda (producer)

Chat with the Eve Live Events team about the past and future of all live events. [we will be asking about more live events aimed at newbro capsuleers ages 0-6 months]


Mike Azariah (Magic Schoolbus)

Vet Mike Azariah of the Magic Schoolbus will be discussing what it takes to survive and keep going. [we have not connected with Mike in game as of yet, this is an ambush]

Embracing New Citizens in Eve

CCP Nomad (game designer), CCP Sledgehammer (senior game developer)

Discover the world of welcoming new capsuleers into New Eden. Discussing recent updates and what comes next for the new player experience (NPE), how to help new players and set goals while learning core competencies. [if there’s a Q&A, it’s our intention to ask why a DScan event like in the Easter Event ‘The Hunt’ hasn’t been added to the NPE]

Embracing New Citizens in Eve Round Table

Same developers as above.

NPSI Community Development & Enrichment

Keacte (CEO of FUN Inc)

Sharing his pointers on developing a community within Eve. [he’s the CEO of Kshal and Oli. We kind of have to show up…]

Streaming Eve Online

Torvald (player streamer)

How to start streaming Eve across popular platforms. [while obviously we stream, it’s nice to hear other people’s perspectives]

Stay Tuned for Eve Fanfest Pictures and Videos

Keep an eye on Eve Rookies for all of the Eve Fanfest pics and videos! Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

By Kshal Aideron

Eve main: Kshal Aideron Corp: FUN Inc NPSI community FC and newbro queen

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